Snowboard Mocks

February 5, 2008


So I was a little bored tonight and decided to mock up some snowboards. Since Burton is my favorite board manufacturer, I decided to experiment with their logo and make 4 new boards to go with the logos. I highly encourage any of you up-and-comers to do things like this, because you never know who is taking a look at your portfolio at any given moment. Sometimes, larger clients will get a better idea as to what you can do when they see a brand that they recognize on your piece, plus it gives you the ability to experiment with logos, placement, and the branding of your piece. *But never tell a client that you did work for that specific client when you did not.* That type of stuff always comes back to get ya.


2 Responses to “Snowboard Mocks”

  1. Melody said

    Don’t people find that kind of misleading?
    I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable having something like that in my portfolio and then having to tell a potential client, “Oh no, I didn’t really work for them, it just looks cool.”

  2. nenoblog said


    I really appreciate your input on this. Basically what I hoped to get across was that it is NEVER OK to say you did this work for a company, person, band, etc. who isn’t actually your client. But it is OK to experiment. For this case, I paid homage to Burton, but believe me, this isn’t going in my portfolio as a client piece. This is an experimental piece. And I have had numerous people ask me if I did this for Burton, and I let them know that this piece is a self initiated experimental piece and was not for Burton. Then I just flat out say no, Burton is not my client.

    Doing experimental work is meant to be that, I hope that no one thinks that this is meant to be my approval for anyone to dishonestly claim that they have worked for a company when they haven’t.


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