Tutorials: Tell Me What You Want!

February 6, 2008

I have had a lot of interest as to how I do certain things, such as hair, scan, live trace, and pen tool. So, I am amassing several tutorials and I will start a new tutorials series that I will generate initially but then it will be user driven. Meaning that just like the requests for vectors that I get, I would also get requests for certain tutorials. So please start thinking of any questions that need answered pertaining to graphic or web design and I will try my best to answer them on the blog in a timely manner.



4 Responses to “Tutorials: Tell Me What You Want!”

  1. John said

    Hi Tony,

    I’m trying to learn how you guys do the shading in all your black and white drawings ie: skulls and things like that. I see the really thin lines and wonder the method.

    John Martinez

  2. nenoblog said


    I’ve got a lot of response on that very question. I will be putting up some various tutorials that answer that for you.

    Thanks for The Comment,


  3. chainsaw said

    scanning techniques

  4. thedarkvect0r said

    i only need 1 thing…. the hair… thank God you were born….

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