Band Tee: Party Foul

March 28, 2008


So locally here in Fort Wayne, there is a pretty amazing band called Party Foul and they talked to me about putting together a Busted Tees style of shirt for them. So it is all stroked out and pen tooled, nothing major. So here is what we came up with. And yes, they do have there tees in bright yellow, no need to adjust your monitor, Party Foul is just cool like that.


This is a little winged skull that I whipped together for you all to enjoy. It is fairly straight forward and hopefully will show you how to put one of these together. I think that I need to get off the skulls for a bit, I might be going skull crazy! Enjoy!

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So tonight I was in the mood to tinker around and came up with this piece. It has a lot of familiar elements that I have made available to download for free. So now this has inspired me to go pen tooling away and I will hopefully be able to upload some more things later this week.


You never really know where you will find some good resources. I highly encourage all of you up-and-coming designers out there to scour the the garage sales, the used book stores and even the Goodwill! You will be truly amazed at what you will find. For instance, I found this book called, handbook of ornament by Franz Sales Meyer. The best part of this book was that right on the front really big is says, ” Attention: artists, designers, architects, craftsmen, students, librarians, researchers. Every illustration in this extensive archive may be used and reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION & WITHOUT PAYMENT!” Seriously, this book is 50 years old and has nothing but plate and etchings in it. SO for those of you out there who can’t find this 50 year old book, I will give some scans out, starting today.¬† Enjoy!

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Been Busy Lately

March 18, 2008


Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been crazy busy. I have been busy finishing up some work with my guys over at The Hybrid Agency. As well as mocking up some logos for Andy Pauquette Photography. Plus there has been some pretty cool people stopping bye. So all-in-all I haven’t had enough time to barely think. So expect some stuff soon.


Go Check Out: AiBURN

March 5, 2008


So today I was lucky enough to get posted up on AiBURN’s resource section. That to me is a huge deal. Those of you not familiar with AiBURN should check it out because Sean Hodge has done an amazing job of amassing numerous tutorials, resources, and insight into the world of design. I have looked at AiBURN as a invaluable resource for sometime now. And even if you consider yourself a pro, I bet you can go to AiBURN and learn some great things. So go check them out.

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