Free Vector Series: Old Scans

March 24, 2008


You never really know where you will find some good resources. I highly encourage all of you up-and-coming designers out there to scour the the garage sales, the used book stores and even the Goodwill! You will be truly amazed at what you will find. For instance, I found this book called, handbook of ornament by Franz Sales Meyer. The best part of this book was that right on the front really big is says, ” Attention: artists, designers, architects, craftsmen, students, librarians, researchers. Every illustration in this extensive archive may be used and reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION & WITHOUT PAYMENT!” Seriously, this book is 50 years old and has nothing but plate and etchings in it. SO for those of you out there who can’t find this 50 year old book, I will give some scans out, starting today.  Enjoy!

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17 Responses to “Free Vector Series: Old Scans”

  1. João Pereira said

    Thanks for sharing. Greta work.

  2. imsraaia said

    gr8 Share….

  3. mahalie said

    So nice of you to share…I think I have some old stuff lying around somewhere, I should do this too!

  4. nebomax said

    looks cool! can see an element from my family crest… thanks

  5. hauff said

    Great resource! thx!

  6. […] vector graphics this time it’s flowers! Nenodesign made a great find in a garage sale and has scanned the part of a collection of design motifs from a copy right free publication on […]

  7. Heather T. said

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. carlos julio said


  9. Nikola said

    Great set! Luv them! Thanks a lot…

  10. […] Free Vector Series: Old Scans Neno Design Blog released a series of designs passed down from an old book. Sounds like a great junkyard find. The book is called Handbook of Ornaments. The book gives liberal usage rights to the designs. Learn more about the usage by following the link below. Visit Download Site […]

  11. Thrash said

    Thanks for the GREAT vecs and the advice on old books… !

  12. ganny said

    a great resource….thanks!!!

  13. thanks,nice work exitos y estamos en contacto men

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