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July 14, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Track 6 is an amazing illustrator located in California. He has a really great blog, and some real high quality vectors and tutorials. In fact I find myself experimenting more and more with some of his tutorials and strokes. So there is definitely something there to be learned by all.

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So today ended up pretty good. It started out badly because my eyes are all messed up, but I ended up finding out that I will be designing some pieces for Metro Park. That is a huge deal to me because one of my hugest inspirations and one of the biggest legends around has his work at Metro Park. Oh, you don’t know who I am talking about, only the one and only Obey Giant! So I am pretty stoked, and as things get selected I will show what I can. But look for some of my stuff showing up in a store near you!

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Hey Everyone,

Up for grabs is a complete vector sheet of some vector ink splats. This vector pack has 20 various splats. Some of these splatters have been used in world-wide publications, and even the Super Bowl.  So you guys can grab ’em up as well. The cost is $10 and you will get instant access.

Hey Everyone,

I have decided to start selling some vector packs on my blog. The first will be a really cool throw back pack to the old days of crime….the mafia. The pack will be called The Family and will probably have 10 or more pieces. So look for that coming REAL soon.


Work In Progress

July 5, 2008

So I have been designing little elements and pieces and parts that I may be able to use later. And basically in an attempt to see how it works I have came up with this most recent design. It is an army helmet on a skull. A friend of mine actually is interested in seeing how this turns out, because he would like it as a tattoo, so I am making sure to keep it simple so that the tattoo artist can really have an easy time doing this ink job. So it has some more to go, but as it progresses I will post pics.


Wow, so this is a shocker. I am still early on in my designing career, and when I was first starting out and learning from everything and everyone I could, I found a really helpful site that I visited daily called VectorVault. A lot of you who visit my blog on a regular basis probably already visit VectorVault already, but if you haven’t checked them out yet, please do so. But what is absolutely awesome and completely out of this world, is that they just contacted me to let me know that so many members have notified them of me, my work, and my blog, that they actually wrote a brief article about my work! It is such an honor to have them like my work that much, because VectorVault was literally one of my cornerstones of design. So all of you members of VectorVault that mentioned me, thank you. And all of you who just enjoy my work and are learning from me, thank you as well.

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Also I have some more awesome news. I have been contacted by an agency who is wanting me to do some designs for some pretty cool brands, amongst them is No Fear. So that will be a rush. Hopefully I will have some more stuff to show you guys soon.

Thanks Again,


So you never know when you will be inspired. Last night I saw a really cool cross at the store, so I thought, “I bet I can make a cool vector cross” and low and behold, the crosses are born! So I had so much fun doing the crosses that I think that I will release a whole pack sometime soon. Actually, I need to finish up with several packs that I have and put them up for sale. But anyways, enjoy these.

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My Process

July 1, 2008

I get a lot of questions about how I attack an illustration, and basically I do the same thing that I have done since I was in first grade…. I sketch first. Most designers do, some don’t; it is up to you. But I typically find something that moves me, I shoot it, print it, sketch it, and re-sketch it, until I am happy. Then scan in and fine tune it in Illustrator. And by fine tune, I DO NOT MEAN LIVE TRACE! I mean PEN TOOL!!! I love just going for it and seeing what I can accomplish. Every time I design something there exists a certain amount of uncertainty and you have to just attack it and push yourself, and you never know what you will come up with. Here is a sample of a skull that I am working on right now. It will be VERY grungy and will probably be for a client, but you never know.


Wow! I am very exited about a really great site called Vectortuts. They have a VERY amazing list of tutorials already and in their first Best of Web, my vector flourishes made the cut. I am very honored by the mention and check out some more great tuts and freebies from Vectortuts.

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