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Many of you who know me personally know how much Joshua Smith of Hydro 74 has helped me out in various stages of my design career, and now Josh is putting on a really cool show with PaleHorse in St. Petersburg. It is called the Back in Black T-Shirt Exhibit. Basically, it is a art exhibit for amazing t-shirt designers such as, Hydro 74, PaleHorse, YWFT, Jimiyo, and Munk One to name a few. The coolest thing about this show, is that even if you can’t make it, you can actually purchase your favorite t-shirt through Design By Humans! I encourage any of you who can to go, and who can’t to at least check out the site here.



Hey Everyone,

I know alot of you out there are really into high quality amazingly cool vectors. So my good friend Ben over at BenBlogged has launched an amazing new section with some really cool vectors. They are really affordable and could be used for lots of different uses. If you like my vectors, or GoMedia, then you should check out BenBlogged Premium Vectors.

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Wow! I am very exited about a really great site called Vectortuts. They have a VERY amazing list of tutorials already and in their first Best of Web, my vector flourishes made the cut. I am very honored by the mention and check out some more great tuts and freebies from Vectortuts.

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Hey Everyone

Last months pdf calendar didn’t come through, but this months, we have a very good artist and blogger that many of you may be familiar with…Ben Blogged. Ben runs a website called, and he has some really great resources that are very useful and clean. I have always respected Ben and his work, it has inspired me from the early stages of my journey into design. I hope you all enjoy the calendar and check out for some really great info.

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March 5, 2008


So today I was lucky enough to get posted up on AiBURN’s resource section. That to me is a huge deal. Those of you not familiar with AiBURN should check it out because Sean Hodge has done an amazing job of amassing numerous tutorials, resources, and insight into the world of design. I have looked at AiBURN as a invaluable resource for sometime now. And even if you consider yourself a pro, I bet you can go to AiBURN and learn some great things. So go check them out.

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