February 5, 2009


Hey Everyone,

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am the Web Director for Boyden & Youngblutt by day. Well, today I was just notified that we won an Addy for one of our web sites that I directed. The winning site is No word yet on what level of Addy we won, but we did definitely win one! Also, get ready because Neno Design is about to change drastically in the coming weeks. Be on the look out for a lot of new stuff.



Latest Work

September 29, 2008

Hey Everyone, It has been a really crazy week. I can write more about some of the crazy things later, but I did do a little work. I did a buddha design, to kind of push myself and work on my shadows. So I am pretty pleased with how it turned out but I can see lots of flaws.I am going to work on getting better at hard shadows. As I can develop more pieces I will make them available. Neno

Wow, so this is a shocker. I am still early on in my designing career, and when I was first starting out and learning from everything and everyone I could, I found a really helpful site that I visited daily called VectorVault. A lot of you who visit my blog on a regular basis probably already visit VectorVault already, but if you haven’t checked them out yet, please do so. But what is absolutely awesome and completely out of this world, is that they just contacted me to let me know that so many members have notified them of me, my work, and my blog, that they actually wrote a brief article about my work! It is such an honor to have them like my work that much, because VectorVault was literally one of my cornerstones of design. So all of you members of VectorVault that mentioned me, thank you. And all of you who just enjoy my work and are learning from me, thank you as well.

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Also I have some more awesome news. I have been contacted by an agency who is wanting me to do some designs for some pretty cool brands, amongst them is No Fear. So that will be a rush. Hopefully I will have some more stuff to show you guys soon.

Thanks Again,


Client Work: Opal Wear

April 28, 2008

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I have had a lot going on. I have been real busy with a really cool snowboarding company based out of New Zealand called Opal Wear. It is awesome working with them because they are so mindful of the culture of snowboarding and haven’t attempted to make themselves or anything they do corporate. They are all snowboarders themselves and always want there products to mesh perfectly with the culture that is created amongst snowboarders. So look for there gear coming out soon!

Band Tee: Party Foul

March 28, 2008


So locally here in Fort Wayne, there is a pretty amazing band called Party Foul and they talked to me about putting together a Busted Tees style of shirt for them. So it is all stroked out and pen tooled, nothing major. So here is what we came up with. And yes, they do have there tees in bright yellow, no need to adjust your monitor, Party Foul is just cool like that.

Been Busy Lately

March 18, 2008


Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been crazy busy. I have been busy finishing up some work with my guys over at The Hybrid Agency. As well as mocking up some logos for Andy Pauquette Photography. Plus there has been some pretty cool people stopping bye. So all-in-all I haven’t had enough time to barely think. So expect some stuff soon.


Snowboard Mocks

February 5, 2008


So I was a little bored tonight and decided to mock up some snowboards. Since Burton is my favorite board manufacturer, I decided to experiment with their logo and make 4 new boards to go with the logos. I highly encourage any of you up-and-comers to do things like this, because you never know who is taking a look at your portfolio at any given moment. Sometimes, larger clients will get a better idea as to what you can do when they see a brand that they recognize on your piece, plus it gives you the ability to experiment with logos, placement, and the branding of your piece. *But never tell a client that you did work for that specific client when you did not.* That type of stuff always comes back to get ya.

Vector R&D: Cassie

January 7, 2008


This is a vector of my wifes all-time favorite animal from her childhood, Cassie the chihuahua. She always told me about how she wanted a chihuahua when she was growing up. Well, since we don’t have a pet friendly apartment complex, this will have to do until the house is bought, built, or whatever happens with that. So she is a very prissy little vector who demands to be held all the time and taken on walks at least 3 or 4 times a day, as she is a supermodel dog. So yeah, enjoy and give Cassie a little lovin!


This is a little puffed up bird that I am experimenting with. I really don’t know if I will end up giving it away as a part of a vector pack or if I can find a way to use it for a client. Anyway, I am happy to work with trying to make some hair and make it look good, so not to bad for a first crack at it.

Skully Trio

December 27, 2007


This is some mouse clickin’ skills that I used today for some fun.