Neno Free PSD Brushes

January 29, 2009

Hey Everyone,

I took over 70 of my free vectors and converted them into .psd brushes. I want feedback on how I can crsipen these up. Perhaps it is my love of vector art, but these just don’t look near as crisp. So please download and comment below on recommendations because this is my first crack at this.



Download Now


Goals for 2009

January 20, 2009

Hey Everyone,

So the December rush is offically done and out the door, so now I am following in Jeff Finley’s steps and posting my goals for the blog in 2009 and here they are.

1. Convert all of my past vectors into hi-res photoshop brushes and release in a huge pack

2. Up the quality of vectors that I am making available and post more about jobs I am working on

3. Share more web knowledge

4. Keep more up-to-date on the blog

5. Look further into hosting this myself so that I can do even more.

Also, I have been notified that my winter sports vector pack was included by Smashing Magazine in their Ultimate Collection of Free Vector Packs. I am very honored to once again have some of my work on Smashing Magazine.

I will have that HUGE psd pack done very soon, and there will be a little surprise as well.


December Craziness!

December 11, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I have been insanely busy. I am currently condensing a months worth of work into two-weeks and I am working on other projects as well. I have been getting really busy for web out of no where, and I have been busy getting those final invoices of the year paid. So I have been going crazy! I have a lot of new projects in the wings for 2009 and I will post more about them as they pop up. I will be changing up my site, blog and offerings in 2009. Don’t worry, I will still give away freebies, in fact more of them. This was my first year blogging and it was very fun and interesting. But I have definitely learned more about what I need to be doing and how I need to do it. Very shortly I will have a new vector to post up for free for you guys as well.

Also, if you haven’t checked out my latest vector collaboration then check out VectorTuts, where I worked with Ben Blogged and came up with some fun free tattoo inspired vectors.

Check them out here



Hey Everyone,

Many of you who know me personally know how much Joshua Smith of Hydro 74 has helped me out in various stages of my design career, and now Josh is putting on a really cool show with PaleHorse in St. Petersburg. It is called the Back in Black T-Shirt Exhibit. Basically, it is a art exhibit for amazing t-shirt designers such as, Hydro 74, PaleHorse, YWFT, Jimiyo, and Munk One to name a few. The coolest thing about this show, is that even if you can’t make it, you can actually purchase your favorite t-shirt through Design By Humans! I encourage any of you who can to go, and who can’t to at least check out the site here.



Hey Everyone,

I hope you all voted. And it looks like you probably did!

I haven’t posted a new freebie in awhile so here is something fresh out of the design pile for ya. These are some skulls and crossbones for a project I was working on. These didn’t get selected so here ya go. Enjoy!

Download Skullz n’ Bones


November 4, 2008


Hey Everyone,

If you are an American, today you likely have one of the most important decisions facing you that you will ever make. Please get out there and vote. I am not going to talk about my choice, but that is the great thing about it… I HAVE A CHOICE! And so do you. So go out there today and use your voice, and make it known. Even if your favorite doesn’t win, you tried, and that is what it is all about.

Here are some voting links that you might find helpful today:

Go vote,


*artwork by Obey Giant

So many of you who visit my blog on a regular basis are in the design business to some capacity. And many of you have had various levels of experiences with your clients. Some better, some worse. But I have decided in an effort to better prepare those of you who are still learning and haven’t had a client experience that you would rather forget, to post some of the most off the wall things I have ever had said to me or to other designers. So please feel free to add to the list and lets her the worst of the best!

1. Why do I have to tell you what I want on my website.

2. This is a paying job ( after being 30 days past due on invoice )

3. I am not sure if you can be my designer. YOU don’t look effeminate enough.

4. This job pays overtime in expereince.

5. I need unlimited emails, hosting, a custom CMS, all pages to be tableless, and I can only give you $100. But you will get lots of exposure.

6. Why did you send an invoice? Your supposed to get PAID? ( after having sign the contract, give me the project brief, and agreed to all terms.)

7. Having the client think that I was off speaker phone and saying, “Screen that guys calls, we are not to pay him!” And followed by me just clearing my throught awkwardly. I am pretty sure I heard people quietly chuckling in the background.

8. I will trade you hypnosis for design.

9. Another designer friend of mine was actually prank called by a client that was unhappy that he wouldn’t launch his site without having his final invoice filled.

10. I was offered free drinks and lap dances for a  website trade.

So hopefully none of you have experienced some of the crazy things I have. I find it a little amusing and disturbing that I can actually come up with a top ten list. My loss, your gain. I hope that all of you can learn that no matter your location, skill level, services rendered, and people you deal with, that these things will come out of left field and completely take you back.


Buddha Helmet

September 30, 2008

So I love hockey. I could skate before I could walk, and I have better balance on two blades of steel then on a $140 pair of Nikes! So here is a goalie helmet with the new Buddha design on it. This is actually for a close friend who is going to get a new paint-job assuming that he makes the roster for a pro hockey team in Chicago. It is all vector and the final version will be mocked up using the templates supplied from the paint place, however everything is in psd. and I will have to take my design and give it three dimensions and then seperate it. So the work is just beginning. I will make the blank goalie helmet vector available soon, just in time for the NHL to start up!


Best Friend

September 29, 2008

best friend

So in my previous post I mentioned that things have been really crazy lately. Well my dog of 14 years MJ who is a little Shi Tzu, was just diagnosed with heart cancer. And the tumor on his heart is putting fluid and pressure on his lungs. And the vet has informed us that he has anywhere from two-weeks to two-months to live. They also hit is with the fact that we will have to bring him in to end his suffering. That is the hardest part. I love knowing that I can literally spend the last second with my best bud, but it kills me inside to know that I will have to actually hold him and feel the life escape from his body. I find comfort and support in my wife and family, but it doesn’t make it any easier watching him limp around, breathe heavily, and have coughing fits. So until MJ has to go, I will be on edge, and always, always remembering all of our great times together, and truly thank God for this precious little gift.


Latest Work

September 29, 2008

Hey Everyone, It has been a really crazy week. I can write more about some of the crazy things later, but I did do a little work. I did a buddha design, to kind of push myself and work on my shadows. So I am pretty pleased with how it turned out but I can see lots of flaws.I am going to work on getting better at hard shadows. As I can develop more pieces I will make them available. Neno