Best Friend

September 29, 2008

best friend

So in my previous post I mentioned that things have been really crazy lately. Well my dog of 14 years MJ who is a little Shi Tzu, was just diagnosed with heart cancer. And the tumor on his heart is putting fluid and pressure on his lungs. And the vet has informed us that he has anywhere from two-weeks to two-months to live. They also hit is with the fact that we will have to bring him in to end his suffering. That is the hardest part. I love knowing that I can literally spend the last second with my best bud, but it kills me inside to know that I will have to actually hold him and feel the life escape from his body. I find comfort and support in my wife and family, but it doesn’t make it any easier watching him limp around, breathe heavily, and have coughing fits. So until MJ has to go, I will be on edge, and always, always remembering all of our great times together, and truly thank God for this precious little gift.