Hey Everyone,

So this is my first attempt at an ambigram, so please feel free to use it how you please and let me know if you have any advice about how to do better with these.


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The Latest

February 21, 2009


Hey Everyone,

Above you will see what I have been working on. It is a crazy wolf and I am about 50% done, so hopefully I can finish up this weekend. Also, I have been working on a complete corporate re-branding for Allied 3D locally here in Fort Wayne. And I have been getting some t-shirts together to send over to Design By Humans. And I have just started work with GoMedia on doing a Boyden & Youngblutt WordPress site. GoMedia is total class folks. If you ever have an opportunity to partner on a project with them you will not regret it.



February 5, 2009


Hey Everyone,

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am the Web Director for Boyden & Youngblutt by day. Well, today I was just notified that we won an Addy for one of our web sites that I directed. The winning site is No word yet on what level of Addy we won, but we did definitely win one! Also, get ready because Neno Design is about to change drastically in the coming weeks. Be on the look out for a lot of new stuff.


Neno Free PSD Brushes

January 29, 2009

Hey Everyone,

I took over 70 of my free vectors and converted them into .psd brushes. I want feedback on how I can crsipen these up. Perhaps it is my love of vector art, but these just don’t look near as crisp. So please download and comment below on recommendations because this is my first crack at this.



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Goals for 2009

January 20, 2009

Hey Everyone,

So the December rush is offically done and out the door, so now I am following in Jeff Finley’s steps and posting my goals for the blog in 2009 and here they are.

1. Convert all of my past vectors into hi-res photoshop brushes and release in a huge pack

2. Up the quality of vectors that I am making available and post more about jobs I am working on

3. Share more web knowledge

4. Keep more up-to-date on the blog

5. Look further into hosting this myself so that I can do even more.

Also, I have been notified that my winter sports vector pack was included by Smashing Magazine in their Ultimate Collection of Free Vector Packs. I am very honored to once again have some of my work on Smashing Magazine.

I will have that HUGE psd pack done very soon, and there will be a little surprise as well.


Buddha Helmet

September 30, 2008

So I love hockey. I could skate before I could walk, and I have better balance on two blades of steel then on a $140 pair of Nikes! So here is a goalie helmet with the new Buddha design on it. This is actually for a close friend who is going to get a new paint-job assuming that he makes the roster for a pro hockey team in Chicago. It is all vector and the final version will be mocked up using the templates supplied from the paint place, however everything is in psd. and I will have to take my design and give it three dimensions and then seperate it. So the work is just beginning. I will make the blank goalie helmet vector available soon, just in time for the NHL to start up!


Best Friend

September 29, 2008

best friend

So in my previous post I mentioned that things have been really crazy lately. Well my dog of 14 years MJ who is a little Shi Tzu, was just diagnosed with heart cancer. And the tumor on his heart is putting fluid and pressure on his lungs. And the vet has informed us that he has anywhere from two-weeks to two-months to live. They also hit is with the fact that we will have to bring him in to end his suffering. That is the hardest part. I love knowing that I can literally spend the last second with my best bud, but it kills me inside to know that I will have to actually hold him and feel the life escape from his body. I find comfort and support in my wife and family, but it doesn’t make it any easier watching him limp around, breathe heavily, and have coughing fits. So until MJ has to go, I will be on edge, and always, always remembering all of our great times together, and truly thank God for this precious little gift.


Latest Work

September 29, 2008

Hey Everyone, It has been a really crazy week. I can write more about some of the crazy things later, but I did do a little work. I did a buddha design, to kind of push myself and work on my shadows. So I am pretty pleased with how it turned out but I can see lots of flaws.I am going to work on getting better at hard shadows. As I can develop more pieces I will make them available. Neno

Hey Everyone, I got some gold fronts for you all to enjoy. I think that these would look good on anything, like a skull, a dog, or Flavor Flav! Enjoy!

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Check Out: Track 6

July 14, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Track 6 is an amazing illustrator located in California. He has a really great blog, and some real high quality vectors and tutorials. In fact I find myself experimenting more and more with some of his tutorials and strokes. So there is definitely something there to be learned by all.

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