The Roof Is On Fire…

June 27, 2007

hfr.jpgOkay, there is tons of folklore out there about various creatures and organizations, like The New Jersey Devil, Yeti, and the most infamous one of all,  Huntington County Rescue. These guys are nowhere and yet everywhere. There probably right behind you…if you live in Huntington, Indiana of course. Well, these guys save lives, they don’t take ’em.  But one of there official sponsors is a mortuary, so I think that they have that angle covered. But if you are lucky enough to live in Huntington, IN., then you know of these guys. I encourage you all to take a stroll on over, if you dare, to, and read up on a great myth that is actually true!


How ‘Bout Some Links

June 25, 2007

Okay, all of us designers have been bogged down before and needed a little help. Maybe a flourish, or some piece of vector clip art that really speeds things up and helps us make deadlines. So you can benefit from my search to find them by just going to these links below.

So hopefully that can at least help you out in your search and you can narrow down what you are needing from those sites.