Client Work: Opal Wear

April 28, 2008

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I have had a lot going on. I have been real busy with a really cool snowboarding company based out of New Zealand called Opal Wear. It is awesome working with them because they are so mindful of the culture of snowboarding and haven’t attempted to make themselves or anything they do corporate. They are all snowboarders themselves and always want there products to mesh perfectly with the culture that is created amongst snowboarders. So look for there gear coming out soon!


So Far This Week

April 16, 2008

OK, so I have been insanely busy so far this week but haven’t forgot about some questions that I need to answer. A lot of you have asked if I can make a Part 2 to my Awesome Hair Tutorial and I am in the process of doing that this week. I promise that by the weekend you all will have a better idea on how to implement that hair brush stroke that you learned. Also this week I have picked up a new client that I will be discussing and showing work for as soon as I can. Last night I got to shoot a mixing and mastering session for Force Effect. If any of you like Prodigy, NIN, Underworld, or any really progressive and thought provoking electronica music, then check out Force Effect. Also very soon there will be some projects that I am a part of and I will be putting up some vectors soon as well.

So it is a busy week, and I will post soon!



So I introduced you to Andy, now here is some free stuff from him. Enjoy!

Download Now!


I want to introduce a great designer that is a very close friend of mine, Andy Fought. Andy used to run his own screen printing business called Prosthetic Printing and we go back all the way to college. He is back in Fort Wayne now and we have already been working on many projects together. He is one third of our design team at Thy Hybrid Agency and he will be contributing to the blog shortly. We will actually be starting a site soon that features some of our free art and will also have a lot of our premium pieces for sale. So look out for Andy because he will be around for awhile.


So my scans have gotten me a little attention lately and I have had numerous requests for more so here you all go. Enjoy!

Download Now!


Well today I was absolutely surprised and delighted to find that my free vectors scans landed my little blog on the Best of Web Round-Up for I have always enjoyed as a resource and inspirational tool. I am very thankful for the nod, and I extend a sincere welcome to those of you who are new to the site. Enjoy!