February 5, 2009


Hey Everyone,

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am the Web Director for Boyden & Youngblutt by day. Well, today I was just notified that we won an Addy for one of our web sites that I directed. The winning site is No word yet on what level of Addy we won, but we did definitely win one! Also, get ready because Neno Design is about to change drastically in the coming weeks. Be on the look out for a lot of new stuff.



Goals for 2009

January 20, 2009

Hey Everyone,

So the December rush is offically done and out the door, so now I am following in Jeff Finley’s steps and posting my goals for the blog in 2009 and here they are.

1. Convert all of my past vectors into hi-res photoshop brushes and release in a huge pack

2. Up the quality of vectors that I am making available and post more about jobs I am working on

3. Share more web knowledge

4. Keep more up-to-date on the blog

5. Look further into hosting this myself so that I can do even more.

Also, I have been notified that my winter sports vector pack was included by Smashing Magazine in their Ultimate Collection of Free Vector Packs. I am very honored to once again have some of my work on Smashing Magazine.

I will have that HUGE psd pack done very soon, and there will be a little surprise as well.


Hey All,

It has been awhile, and I have some new scans for you. I really like the rib cage. Enjoy!

Download Now!

Hey Everyone, I got some gold fronts for you all to enjoy. I think that these would look good on anything, like a skull, a dog, or Flavor Flav! Enjoy!

Download Gold Fronts

So today ended up pretty good. It started out badly because my eyes are all messed up, but I ended up finding out that I will be designing some pieces for Metro Park. That is a huge deal to me because one of my hugest inspirations and one of the biggest legends around has his work at Metro Park. Oh, you don’t know who I am talking about, only the one and only Obey Giant! So I am pretty stoked, and as things get selected I will show what I can. But look for some of my stuff showing up in a store near you!

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Wow, so this is a shocker. I am still early on in my designing career, and when I was first starting out and learning from everything and everyone I could, I found a really helpful site that I visited daily called VectorVault. A lot of you who visit my blog on a regular basis probably already visit VectorVault already, but if you haven’t checked them out yet, please do so. But what is absolutely awesome and completely out of this world, is that they just contacted me to let me know that so many members have notified them of me, my work, and my blog, that they actually wrote a brief article about my work! It is such an honor to have them like my work that much, because VectorVault was literally one of my cornerstones of design. So all of you members of VectorVault that mentioned me, thank you. And all of you who just enjoy my work and are learning from me, thank you as well.

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Also I have some more awesome news. I have been contacted by an agency who is wanting me to do some designs for some pretty cool brands, amongst them is No Fear. So that will be a rush. Hopefully I will have some more stuff to show you guys soon.

Thanks Again,


Latest Work

June 25, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Here is a piece that I just started working on tonight. Everything seemed to be clicking (no mouse joke intended). It is in the beginning stages, so there will be more to come. Also, I will be launching a new website very soon, and there will be some free vectors to go along with the launch. My new site is based of the tutorial that Collis did over at I encourage you to check out there tuts and follow along to learn some pretty amazing things.



Hey Everyone,

I have always valued Flourishes and how they can really spruce up a design. So I have decided to give away some of my favorite Flourishes that I have created. These can really add texture to your design, perhaps as a background element or even as a way to grunge it up in the foreground. Enjoy!

Download Flourishes!

Client Work: Opal Wear

April 28, 2008

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I have had a lot going on. I have been real busy with a really cool snowboarding company based out of New Zealand called Opal Wear. It is awesome working with them because they are so mindful of the culture of snowboarding and haven’t attempted to make themselves or anything they do corporate. They are all snowboarders themselves and always want there products to mesh perfectly with the culture that is created amongst snowboarders. So look for there gear coming out soon!


I want to introduce a great designer that is a very close friend of mine, Andy Fought. Andy used to run his own screen printing business called Prosthetic Printing and we go back all the way to college. He is back in Fort Wayne now and we have already been working on many projects together. He is one third of our design team at Thy Hybrid Agency and he will be contributing to the blog shortly. We will actually be starting a site soon that features some of our free art and will also have a lot of our premium pieces for sale. So look out for Andy because he will be around for awhile.