Hey Everyone,

I hope you all voted. And it looks like you probably did!

I haven’t posted a new freebie in awhile so here is something fresh out of the design pile for ya. These are some skulls and crossbones for a project I was working on. These didn’t get selected so here ya go. Enjoy!

Download Skullz n’ Bones


Hey All,

It has been awhile, and I have some new scans for you. I really like the rib cage. Enjoy!

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Hey Everyone, I got some gold fronts for you all to enjoy. I think that these would look good on anything, like a skull, a dog, or Flavor Flav! Enjoy!

Download Gold Fronts

Hey Everyone,

I know alot of you out there are really into high quality amazingly cool vectors. So my good friend Ben over at BenBlogged has launched an amazing new section with some really cool vectors. They are really affordable and could be used for lots of different uses. If you like my vectors, or GoMedia, then you should check out BenBlogged Premium Vectors.

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Hey Everyone,

Up for grabs is a complete vector sheet of some vector ink splats. This vector pack has 20 various splats. Some of these splatters have been used in world-wide publications, and even the Super Bowl.  So you guys can grab ’em up as well. The cost is $10 and you will get instant access.

Wow, so this is a shocker. I am still early on in my designing career, and when I was first starting out and learning from everything and everyone I could, I found a really helpful site that I visited daily called VectorVault. A lot of you who visit my blog on a regular basis probably already visit VectorVault already, but if you haven’t checked them out yet, please do so. But what is absolutely awesome and completely out of this world, is that they just contacted me to let me know that so many members have notified them of me, my work, and my blog, that they actually wrote a brief article about my work! It is such an honor to have them like my work that much, because VectorVault was literally one of my cornerstones of design. So all of you members of VectorVault that mentioned me, thank you. And all of you who just enjoy my work and are learning from me, thank you as well.

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Also I have some more awesome news. I have been contacted by an agency who is wanting me to do some designs for some pretty cool brands, amongst them is No Fear. So that will be a rush. Hopefully I will have some more stuff to show you guys soon.

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So tonight I was in the mood to tinker around and came up with this piece. It has a lot of familiar elements that I have made available to download for free. So now this has inspired me to go pen tooling away and I will hopefully be able to upload some more things later this week.